Social Contribution Activities

Relations with People:TABLE FOR TWO


When a person purchases a TFT branded meal at the cafeteria of the Daiba Frontier Building or the Kunitomi Plant of Solar Frontier Co., Ltd., a portion of the proceeds will be donated to provide a school lunch for a student in need in developing countries through the NPO "TABLE FOR TWO International." This is a social contribution activity in which anyone can participate by purchasing one of the TFT branded healthy meals so as to provide a school lunch to one student in developing countries. In addition, a participant can stay healthy by taking a nutritionally balanced meal.
Donation at the Daiba Frontier Building started in December 2013 and at the Kunitomi Plant it started in April 2016. As of March 31, 2019, we donated school lunches for 19,683 students.

出光興産, DFF Inc.