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Forest Restoration Activities in Indonesia

In 2004, P.T. Idemitsu Lube Techno Indonesia was founded to produce and market lubricants in Indonesia. On the island of Sumatra, the company is working with a local NGO (Orangutan Information Centre) to rejuvenate forests that are at risk of destruction.

The Leuser Ecosystem, which is a world heritage site centered on Leuser, North Sumatra Province, is one of South Asia’s most precious forests, spanning over 2.6 million ha and providing a habitat for tigers, Sumatran rhinos, elephants, and other wildlife. However, due to its mineral reserves, the forest is in crisis of forest destruction from roadworks, largescale mining operations, palm oil plantation, and other development. Thus, with a portion of profit from the sale of fuel-efficient motor oil 0W-20 for gasoline engines as funds for planting, we have been planting trees in a 7 ha area of forest to return the area to its original forested state over about five years from May 2017. The tree planting area will steadily expand in line with sales of the fuel efficient motor oil 0W-20 for gasoline engines.

Through this initiative, the company contributes to reducing the environmental impact while supporting activities that directly protect the natural environment.

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