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Relations with People:Environmental Photo Contest "Watashi no Machi no ○ to ×" (Things to Preserve and Correct around Our Town)

Environmental Photo Contest “Watashi no Machi no 〇 to × ” (Things to Preserve and Correct around Our Town)

We hold a photo contest for children and students across the country for scenic photos of things that they want to preserve in their local community (Photo 〇), and scenic photos of things that they want to improve immediately (Photo ×), with comments attached. We held the 16th contest in 2020 supported by the Ministry of the Environment.
The individual category consists of the elementary school, junior high school, and high school/technical college divisions. In 2020, there were 11,655 entries, a record high for the third consecutive year. The photos are used as teaching materials for environmental education at school and homework during summer vacation. In the school division, we had applications from 489 schools from all over Japan.

Elementary School Gold Award “For My Favorite River Bank”

Comments on the photo: Kento Suzuki (Osaka)

I found a ladybird at my favorite river bank. I enjoyed watching this tiny creature crawling up my finger to the tip and then spreading her wings and flying away. There are many other creatures living in the field, but I often find trash lying about. If we are to see this abundance of creatures continuing to thrive even after I become an adult, we have to keep their environment clean. So, I thought I have to be always careful as each small piece of trash makes big difference to them.


Photo ○


Photo ×

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