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Relations with People:Hokkaido Idemitsu Children's Art Contest

The Hokkaido Children’s Drawing Contest

The Hokkaido Children’s Drawing Contest sponsored by the Hokkaido Idemitsu Association* marked its 12th round in FY2020. Over the years, it has grown into an event well-known throughout the prefecture. In FY2020, although the COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult to advertise the event via school visits, local dealers, who are association members, strove to solicit entries. As a result, a total of 6,261 entries were submitted. Following the selection, high-ranking pieces were reproduced as posters that were displayed at Idemitsu service stations within Hokkaido. We have also publicized these pieces through newspapers and our corporate website.

  • * An association consisting of business owners acting as Idemitsu dealers
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