Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Initiatives

Concept of Diversity and Inclusion

Concept of Diversity and Inclusion

Based on the Diversity & Inclusion Policy established in November 2019, we have identified Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) as a priority topic for management. We leverage diverse values, careers, and expertise regardless of disability, sex, or nationality. Moreover, we aim to ensure that every employee can thrive at the Company and are promoting various relevant measures from the perspectives of changing people’s mindsets, hiring, development, and other systems.

Enhancing D&I awareness (Unconscious bias training)
Hiring and
Hiring concept NEXT BREAKTHROUGH Appointment of external personnel (executives, career recruitment, etc.), Developing competencies Open innovation, Selection of young and mid-career employees (career challenge), Training available for selected personnel Employees on loan, Work Abroad, Overseas training programs Overseas and domestic exchange programs etc.
Systems Systems for supporting activities of diverse employees Expanding teleworking and Work-from-home Approval of side business, Volunteer leaves Successful ability assessment programs
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D&I Promotion System

In October 2021, we established the D&I Promotion Committee chaired by the vice president responsible for ESG.
The committee comprises directors, executive officers responsible for HR, and members of various departments. In addition, Outside Director Maki Kado serves as an advisor to the committee, providing additional diversity of perspective.
The committee identifies management issues related to D&I promotion, sets targets, drafts various measures, and confirms progress. The content of deliberations is shared with and discussed by executive officers and general managers as appropriate and regularly reported to the Board of Directors.

D&I Promotion Milestones

To date, Idemitsu has taken various measures to promote D&I. In fiscal 2021, we positioned diversity promotion as a management strategy and further accelerated initiatives with the aim of being a company that continues creating innovation where diverse employees grow and thrive.

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Idemitsu Group Diversity & Inclusion Policy

The Idemitsu Group will work with a diverse range of stakeholders to create new value in order to resolve various social issues.
Therefore, it is essential to initiate a positive chemical reaction by incorporating various perspectives, values, and strengths to maximize the potential of each individual.
The Group will eradicate discrimination on the basis of position, employment status, age, gender, educational background, place of origin, nationality, race, disability, beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status. We will also actively promote “Diversity & Inclusion” through mutual respect by building each other up and making best use of everyone’s individuality.
  • We will eliminate all forms of discrimination.
  • We will create an environment where individuals can make the most of their abilities.
  • We will respect the work-life balance of each employee.
  • We will create a workplace culture that respects and enhances each other’s individuality and allows the team to maximize its strengths.
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