Human Resource Development

Basic Concept of Personnel Strategy

Basic Concept of Personnel Strategy

In line with the management goal of developing people under the Management Philosophy of being “Truly inspired,” Idemitsu believes in the boundless potential of human beings and does not place limits on individual growth, allows them to fully demonstrate their abilities, and rolls out personnel measures that support People-Centered Management, which enhances the total power of the entire organization and supply chain. Through the new value that we create, we not only contribute to social development, we also enable employees to further enrich their own lives.

Overview of Personnel Measures
in My Own Way
Stimulating Self-Growth Motivation and Providing Growth Opportunities
Development of education system to realize Management Vision
  • Enhancement of rank-based and open training to acquire business skills and mindsets
  • Improving management skills to create new values
  • Development of domestic and overseas study programs, overseas interns, and external training programs to broaden our horizons
Career development support (CDP) for employees based on structural changes and systematic development of management personnel
  • Formulation and implementation of a training plan that emphasizes mutual understanding between employees and the company
  • Internal recruitment system and personnel transfers to build autonomous career plans
  • Linking succession plans with education and transfer plans (including national staff)
New Values
Creating a Workplace Where Diverse Employees Can Create Together and Hiring Human Resources
Creating workplaces that take advantage of diversity
  • Flexible and flat organization and personnel shift to growth areas
  • Creating time to create new values by promoting DTK project
  • Expanding cross-divisional networks, such as promoting the active participation of women
  • Improvement of workplace culture based on an employee engagement survey and Next Forum
  • Constructing a collaborative environment through 360 degree evaluation (multifaceted evaluation)
Recruitment of diverse human resources
  • Creation of a (recruitment strategy) recruitment and branding method that takes into account the youths' point of view and the uniqueness of us
  • Examination of recruitment timing and targets based on the characteristics of each division
of Employees and the Company
Establishment of Personnel Systems That are Rewarding and That Enable Employees to Focus on Their Work with Peace of Mind
Shared vision and development of a fair and equitable, and reliable personnel system
  • Understanding and dissemination of Management Vision and Action Mindset
  • Establishment and operation of a fair and equitable personnel evaluation system
  • Efficient and reliable business operations through the introduction of a new personnel system
Dissemination of systems that respect diversity and work styles regardless of place or time
  • Enhancement of systems, including flexible working hours and telework, and development of measures to promote the use of such systems
Enhancement of systems that enable employees to focus on their work with peace of mind
  • Enhancement of systems related to childcare and nursing care and measures to support the return of employees on leave
  • Implementation of health management leading to autonomous health management
  • Development of systems and measures for further advancement of employees 60 years and older
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Personnel Strategy for 2030

Overarching Concepts and Influences
Personnel Strategy for 2030
Instilling and Practicing the Management Philosophy

Idemitsu’s Management Philosophy of being “Truly inspired” represents the idea of contributing to society while demonstrating limitless possibilities and developing people through work, centered on the value of People-Centered Management. We are implementing various measures aimed at ensuring that the Management Philosophy is instilled in and practiced by employees.

Initiatives for 2030

To realize our 2030 vision of being “Your Reliable Partner for a Brighter Future,” we will continue encouraging people to leverage their wide range of values and unique characteristics and establishing programs that accommodate diverse workstyles. We will also continue to foster an environment where every employee can independently build a career and grow amid environmental changes.

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