Regional Revitalization

Mobility services

Established Idemitsu Tajima EV Corporation

In April 2021, Idemitsu and Tajima Motor Corporation established Idemitsu Tajima EV Corporation to develop next-generation mobility products and services and to work toward solving mobility-related social issues.
Combining Idemitsu’s service station network and materials development technology with Tajima Motor’s vehicle design technology, Tajima EV Corporation will provide a totally new category of mobility, centered on ultra-compact EVs, to meet latent mobility-related needs.
In addition to developing EVs, Idemitsu Tajima EV will engage in operations involving solar-powered electric vehicles; applications for next-generation batteries; the development of automated driving, green slow mobility solutions, and new subscription and car share models; the establishment of MaaS-related digital platforms; and the creation of a mobility-related recycling system.
Going forward, the new company will also engage in efforts to develop new mobility services, including those combining electric power sales at service stations with ultra-compact EVs, a framework to monitor elderly users’ driving status, a decentralized energy system that treats each vehicle as a rechargeable battery, and a vehicle and battery recycling system.

Expanding mobility services from service stations
Ultra-Compact EV developed by Idemitsu Tajima EV Corporation
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Concluded a Comprehensive Partnership Agreement with Ichihara City in Chiba Prefecture Contributing to the environment and regional revitalization through ultra-compact EVs and other advanced technologies

In April 2021, Idemitsu and Ichihara City concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with the purpose of partnering and collaborating in fields that contribute to regional revitalization, such as tourism and industry. Under this new agreement, we are rolling out into Ichihara the Auto Share car sharing service, which offers ultra-compact EVs that Idemitsu has been pilot testing.
Idemitsu is promoting this initiative to maximize local tourism assets in collaboration with SmartDrive Inc., which offers services using mobility data, and Nightley Inc., which offers solutions supporting regional vitalization using locational big data and analysis technologies. We are working to promote tourism in Ichihara by combining vehicle location data and social media data posted by tourists to take measures that ensure the smooth transportation of tourists and help guide them to hard-to-find famous locations and tourist spots.

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Future Concepts Using Drones

Through our last- mile pilot test project for distribution using drones, we are working to study the feasibility of using service stations as logistics centers.
Drone technology is expected to be used in a wide range of fields, including area monitoring and infrastructure and factory inspection, in addition to distribution.
In the near future, we envision using services stations as drone maintenance hubs to support the widespread adoption of drone technology

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