D&I: Employing & Utilizing Diverse Human Resources

Our vision is to be a company originating in Japan which co-creates energy, will continue to strive to create new value together with its customers and stakeholders, while aiming to, based on diversity and inclusiveness, harmonize with the environment and society.

To achieve this vision, we will strive to develop a workplace environment where everyone can effectively utilize their abilities and play an active role. We will endeavor to create a diverse organization structure and promote diversity-oriented management.

GNI (Global Nakama Initiative); Idemitsu’s Initiative to Support Foreign National Employees

In May 2018, Idemitsu Kosan launched GNI (Global Nakama Initiative), a forum of information exchange for foreign national employees. Working with the Human Resources Department, GNI also serves as a support center for the foreign employees to easily consult for advice so that they can work with a better sense of security.

Last year, GNI hosted three meetings and one of the meeting results was to assist newly joined foreign employees by providing them simple guidelines of how to work and live in Japan. The guidelines copies were distributed to the foreign national freshmen during the job offer ceremony.

On October 28, GNI first meeting post-business integration (Idemitsu Kosan and Showa Shell) was held. At the meeting, the participants shared and discussed their lifehacks* to live and work more comfortably in Japan.

  • ※lifehack : methods and techniques to manage time and daily activities in a more efficient way which lead to more comfortable life.
  1. Daily Life
    1. (1) Effective use of local public facilities

      Municipal and ward offices provide free Japanese language lesson. Not only that, they also provide opportunities to obtain more knowledge about Japanese culture through lectures and workshops. Foreign employees can enjoy the services provided by these facilities with their families and at the same time deepening understanding about Japanese customs.

    2. (2) Foreign nationals communities on social media

      There have been several groups and communities on social media for foreigners in Japan to exchange information and establish network. Some of those groups also provide serve as platform where foreign nationals can give and receive various unused goods for free.

  2. Work
    1. (1) Effective use of the company’s IT tools

      Various work-related applications, such as Box (cloud storage) and Microsoft Teams (communication tool) enable employees to perform their work efficiently.

    2. (2) Changing habit

      Using time more effectively, for example listing up today’s work and duties while commuting on public transport.


Support for People with Disabilities; Tokuyama Complex Strawberry Farm

Tokuyama Complex opened a strawberry farm to create jobs for people with disabilities and make them feel challenged at work. The farm, which consists of an approximately 150-square-meter vinyl plastic house, utilizes the complex’s utilities such as industrial water, steam, and electricity. Working together with Yamaguchi Prefectural Technology Center for Agricultural and Forestry, the farm aims at harvesting its first strawberries in February. Strawberry cultivation began on November 6, and six personnel manage it under work-sharing system. All strawberries harvested will be served at the employee cafeteria.

The six personnel are engaged in the work of removing unnecessary leaves and cutting flowers that have not been successfully pollinated while receiving technical guidance from the Technology Center. They are cultivating strawberries carefully waiting with eager anticipation for the day when they can provide delicious strawberries to the employees of the complex. Both the tutors from Technology Center and the personnel put their best effort for this project.

The strawberry farm has created convivial society by receiving trainees from neighboring institutions such as special needs schools and offices that support the employment of persons with disabilities.


Ladies Meet Up for Female Employees at Odaiba

‘Ladies Meet Up @ Odaiba’ was a gathering organized for female employees on January 17, 2019. This gathering was organized to promote interaction between employees of Idemitsu Kosan and Showa Shell, and to increase awareness on how to make effective use of individual capabilities in an ever-changing workplace environment. A total of 103 female employees gathered in Odaiba from various parts of Japan, while others joined the gathering via Skype.

In the first half of the event, 2 female executive officers, Ms. Terakami and Ms. Inoue spoke about their careers. The participants were inspired by the fact that Ms. Terakami and Ms. Inoue took up the initiative and overcame hardships to get to where they currently are, in spite of the fact that there were few females in power at that time.

In the second half of the event, the participants reflected on the contents of the talk given by Ms. Terakami and Ms. Inoue and tried to apply what they had learnt to their own situations. All participants actively participated in group discussions, openly sharing their thoughts and opinions, such as attributes that they would like to utilize and new challenges that they would like to take up in the future. Positive feedback was received from all participants, with some expressing that the gathering was a great opportunity to freely discuss about work and a good platform to think about solutions to solve issues in the workplace together. Other comments include an improvement in the level of interaction between Idemitsu Kosan and Showa Shell employees.


Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Workshop for Idemitsu Employees

Idemitsu Kosan has been holding D&I workshops in a way that meets the needs of its departments since October 2018. Up to this moment, a total of 770 employees have attended these workshops to obtain deeper understanding of D&I.

At the workshop, participants are asked to respond to some common workplace problems, such as work and childcare balance, conflicts in team management, advice from the boss, consultation request from the juniors, etc) in their very own way. After sharing each other’s opinions in group discussion, they find that there are differences among them in terms of their way of thinking, values, and what they consider important in life.

At the end of the workshop, many of the participants express that they finally realized the importance of deepening mutual understanding. Idemitsu will continue carrying out D&I workshops internally upon request of its departments and offices.