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Corporate Governance
Management Monitoring System / Audits by Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Management Monitoring System

Our company's internal control system is based on the supervision by the Bo...

Ensuring Safety
Safety and Health Initiatives

Reinforcement of Earthquake Resistance of Existing Facilities

The Group 's refineries and complexes have worked to strengths its measures...

Ensuring Safety
External Initiatives

Training for Top Management

In order to prevent serious accidents and disasters, it is extremely import...

Ensuring Safety
Practical Fire Fighting Training

Training of Personnel for Fire Fighting at Refineries and Complexes

In case of a fire or explosion, it is extremely important to implement init...

Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Basic Approach to Quality

Basic Approach

Our group has defined its basic stance on quality as "In order to ensure pr...

Idemitsu Group’s Sustainability
Management Vision / Action Mindset

Management Vision

We are an energy co-creation company that values diversity and inclusion, c...

Environmental Management / Environmental Policy
Environmental Management Structure / Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

Our environmental management system combines the PDCA cycle for the entire ...

Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Commitment to Quality Management and Quality Assurance Initiatives

Initiatives to Ensure Product Safety

We conduct checks of product safety at each product stage, from research an...

Human Resource Development
Developing Competencies

Idemitsu Mentor Training Program

Idemitsu Group officially introduced mentor system in 2019 to foster ne...

Dialogue with Stakeholders

Dialogue with Stakeholders

Our group's Management Vision is to continue to create new values together ...

Past Reports
Past Reports


Download past Reports. Click here for latest report (Idemitsu Integrated...

Efforts to Improve Workplace Culture and Motivation
DTK (Dattara Ko Shiyo) Project (=Business Process Redesign); an Initiative to Increase Productivity and Make Employees Feel Their Job More Rewarding

The Project Structure

Members of the management committee will serve as steering committee of thi...

Human Resource Development
Stance on Human Resource Development and Educational Systems

Overview of Educational and Training Systems

The base of our educational and training systems is competency development ...

Risk Management
Information Management

Information Management System

In line with the Information Security Basic Policies, the Idemitsu Group is...

Human Resource Development
Global Human Resource Development


Even the energy sector is expected to see global competition intensify acro...

Social Contribution Activities
Relations with People:TABLE FOR TWO


When a person purchases a TFT branded meal at the cafeteria of the Daib...

Idemitsu Group’s Initiatives for COVID-19
Idemitsu Group’s Initiatives for COVID-19

Our Efforts for Stable Supply of Products

For our customers’ safety and security, we are taking the following measure...

Intellectual Property
Examples of Specific Initiatives

Data Analysis

To beat global competition, it is imperative that the Idemitsu Group unders...

Response to Climate Change
Concept of Climate Change "Mitigation"

Concept of Climate Change "Mitigation"

We believes it is important to reduce GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions not on...

Social Contribution Activities
Relations with Local Community:Activities at Overseas Bases

Supporting the Munch Museum in Norway

In Norway, which is one base for our petroleum upstream business, Idemi...

Environmental Management / Environmental Policy
Environmental Education and Awareness-Raising Activities

Keeping Ha Long Bay Clean! – 167 Employees Joined Beach Cleanup

On August 11, 2019, Idemitsu Lube Vietnam (ILV) conducted beach cleanup on ...

Environmental Management / Environmental Policy
Environmental Education and Awareness-Raising Activities

Community Cleanup at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

On August 1, 2019, the government of Hiroshima City organized a community c...

Sustainability News

Business-Academia Alliances

Participating in Chuo University Graduate School’s Project to Research and Promote Work-Life Balance and Diversity

Since fiscal 2020, Idemitsu has participated in Chuo University Graduate Sc...