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Intellectual Property
Utilization of Intellectual Property / Promotion of Activity Plans

Utilization of intellectual property

We have established the Intellectual Property Department to supervise intel...

Ensuring Safety
Initiatives at Departments and Group Companies

Petronas Chemicals Ethylene and Idemitsu SM (Malaysia) – Technological Knowledge Exchange

On May 2, 2019, eight technical staff members of Petronas Chemicals Eth...

Ensuring Safety
Practical Fire Fighting Training

Chiba Complex Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction Drill

On September 20, 2019, Chiba Complex and Anegasaki Fire Station jointly...

Harassment Prevention Initiatives
Harassment Prevention Initiatives

Workplace Harassment Prevention Guide

To create and maintain sound, harassment-free workplaces, we have prepa...

Risk Management
Initiatives for Risk Management

Initiatives to Upgrade our Business Continuity Plans (BCPs)

We formulated BCPs assuming the occurrence of an earthquake with an epicent...

Comparative Table
Comparative Table with GRI Standards

Comparative Table with GRI Standards

    Content GRI...

Idemitsu Group’s Sustainability
Management Vision / Action Mindset

Management Vision

We are an energy co-creation company that values diversity and inclusion, c...

Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Commitment to Quality Management and Quality Assurance Initiatives

Initiatives to Ensure Product Safety

We conduct checks of product safety at each product stage, from research an...

Ensuring Safety
Safety and Health Initiatives

Safety & Security Advisory Committee

At the FY2019 Safety & Security Advisory Committee, we reviewed the Ear...

Corporate Governance
Compensation for Executives

Basic Policy on Executive Compensation

The Company’s basic policies regarding remuneration for its Directors and E...

Response to Climate Change
GHG Reduction Initiatives 4. Expanding Supply of Biomass Fuels

Presenting Our Biomass Business at the ASEAN Bioenergy and Bioeconomy Conference

On June 6, 2019, the “ASEAN Bioenergy and Bioeconomy Conference 2019” h...

Digital Transformation Initiatives
Digital Transformation Initiatives

Creating New Work Styles for Employees (Digital for Idemitsu)

In order to advance company-wide operational process innovation, in April 2...

Personnel Systems
Fair Evaluation and Compensation

Fair Evaluation and Compensation

In line with the business integration of Idemitsu and Showa Shell, from FY2...

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Initiatives
Status of Employees and Recruitment

Status of Recruitment

Our recruitment theme: NEXT BREAKTHROUGH.* We are recruiting people who can...

Risk Management
Information Management

Information Management System

In line with the Information Security Basic Policies, the Idemitsu Group is...

Corporate Governance
Compensation for Executives

Total Amount of Compensation, etc. by Executive Category

Total amount of compensation and other wages paid to Directors in FY2019, t...

Efforts to Improve Workplace Culture and Motivation
Tour for Employees’ Families and Office Tour for Children

Idemitsu Lube Middle East & Africa 10th Family Gathering; The Strong Bond Goes Beyond Nationalities

Idemitsu Lube Middle East Africa (ILMEA), which celebrated its 10th anniver...

Efforts to Improve Workplace Culture and Motivation
DTK (Dattara Ko Shiyo) Project (=Business Process Redesign)

The Project Structure

In fiscal 2019, we focused on creating new ways of working in all divisions...

Promotion of Employees’ Health
FY2020 Initiatives

FY2020 Initiatives

In fiscal 2020, we will continue rolling out effective measures that priori...

Response to Circular Economy
Initiative 3 Carbon Recycling

Our Unique Technologies for Reusing CO₂ as Resources

We have succeeded in the direct synthesis of methane and other hydrocarbons...

Efforts to Improve Workplace Culture and Motivation
Internal Awards

Best Achievement Award 2018 at iBusiness Partners

On July 3, 2019, taking “Initiatives to Expand New Business Domain” as the ...

Environmental Impacts on the Supply Chain
Environmental Data of Refineries and Complexes

Aichi Refinery

  Unit FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 ...

Social Contribution Activities
Concept of Social Contribution Activities / Expenses

Social Contribution Expenses

Trends in Social Contribution Expenses* (Unit: 1 million yen) ...

Efforts to Improve Workplace Culture and Motivation
Reinforcing Internal Communication

Reinforcing Internal Communication

We took steps to strengthen internal communication as a way of maintaining ...