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Ensuring Safety
Practical Fire Fighting Training

Aichi Refinery (currently Aichi Complex) Water Spraying Drill with Members of the Joint Disaster Risk Reduction Organization

On June 5 and 6, 2019, in accordance with the Act on the Prevention of ...

Corporate Governance
Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Board of Directors

Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Board of Directors

Assessment Methods Based on the results of questionnaires sent out to al...

Regional Revitalization
Community co-creation and livelihood support

Senior Citizen Healthcare Business

Since forming a capital and business alliance with REHA CONTENTS Co., Ltd. ...

Ensuring Safety
Policy and System for Ensuring Safety

Policy for Ensuring Safety

Idemitsu’s policy for ensuring safety is (1) to ensure the safety of people...

Response to Climate Change
GHG Reduction Initiatives 2. Promoting Energy Conservation and Zero - Emission Electric Power

Promoting Energy Conservation and Zero-Emission Electric Power Consumption

We are working to reduce direct and indirect CO2 emissions attributable to ...

Participation in the Initiatives

Participating in the Japan Clean Ocean Material Alliance (CLOMA)

Idemitsu has joined the Japan Clean Ocean Material Alliance (CLOMA), which ...

Our Group's Efforts to Promote Understanding of SDGs

Our Group's Efforts to Promote Understanding of SDGs

We will use the SDGs as an opportunity to raise the awareness of each emplo...

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Initiatives
Balancing Work and Life

Holding “Children Office Tour” Measure 3

We held “Children Office Tour” for the children of employees with the aim o...

Collaboration with Partners
Collaboration with Transport Companies and Maritime Shipping Companies

"ISG Maritime Environment and Safety Council" to Assure Safe Operation and Stable Supply

On May 11, 2020, the "ISG Maritime Environmental Safety Council" inaugu...

Biodiversity Conservation
Partnerships with Local Communities on Protecting Biodiversity

Participating in the Corporate Forest Program (Hokkaido Refinery)

Since December 1996, Hokkaido Refinery has been participating in the Co...

Corporate Governance
Strategically-held Listed Shares

Criteria for the Exercise of Voting Rights Associated with Strategic Holdings of Listed Shares

With regard to voting rights associated with strategic holdings of listed s...

Ensuring Safety
Safety and Health Initiatives

Safety Activities at Our Refineries and Complexes

At the Group 's refineries and complexes, the Safety & Environmental Pr...

Waste Reduction
Waste Reduction

Concept and Performance

The Idemitsu Group works to curb environmental impact by reducing the volum...

Sustainability News
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