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Ensuring Safety
Initiatives at Departments and Group Companies

Petronas Chemicals Ethylene and Idemitsu SM (Malaysia) – Technological Knowledge Exchange

On May 2, 2019, eight technical staff members of Petronas Chemicals Eth...

Promotion of Employees’ Health
FY2019 Performance

External Health Events

No Department Event Date Participants Eve...

Efforts to Improve Workplace Culture and Motivation
Internal Awards

Idemitsu Credit "Employee Excellence Awards 2019" to Commend Our Employees’ Efforts

The awards ceremony was held on June 3, 2020 online attended by Idemits...

Environmental Management / Environmental Policy
Environmental Management Structure / Environmental Management System

Environmental Management Structure

We have traditionally positioned “Safety, Health and the Environment” as ke...

Biodiversity Conservation
Initiative 4 Providing Students with Opportunities for Environmental Education

Local Children and Parents Enjoyed the Nature at Aichi Refinery’s Green Belt

On July 21, 2019, Aichi Refinery hosted the Green Belt Experience, an event...

Human Resource Development
Other Support for Employee Growth

Lecture for Department and Office Managers

On July 24, Idemitsu Kosan invited Dr. Iwao Nakatani from Fushiki-an (Japan...

Intellectual Property
Utilization of Intellectual Property / Promotion of Activity Plans

Utilization of intellectual property

We have established the Intellectual Property Department to supervise intel...

Environmental Impacts on the Supply Chain
Environmental Data of Refineries and Complexes

Tokuyama Complex

  Unit FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 ...

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Initiatives
Awareness Raising of D&I

D&I Experience Event

Since October 2018, the event has been held to meet the needs of each d...

Ensuring Safety
Safety and Health Initiatives

Reinforcement of Earthquake Resistance of Existing Facilities

Our refineries and complexes have worked to strengthen our measures in prep...

Establishment of Consultation Center

Overseas Consultation Hotline

In order to respond to reports from overseas offices, we established the “I...

Social Contribution Activities
Relations with People:Latest Topics

Latest Topics

Let’s Learn About the Environment!Class on Energy for Elementary School Stu...

Past Reports
Past Reports


Download past Reports. Click here for latest report (Idemitsu Integrated...

Sustainability News
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Compliance Promotion Activities

Compliance performance

Major Compliance Violations in FY2019 0 ...

Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Basic Approach to Quality

Quality control and quality assurance systems in each business division and affiliated company

Our business divisions and affiliated companies conduct quality management ...

Environmental Impacts on the Supply Chain
Environmental Data of Refineries and Complexes

Chiba Complex (Petrochemicals)

  Unit FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 ...

Ensuring Safety
External Initiatives

Lecture by Mie Plant Manager of Idemitsu Unitech on Health and Safety Activities

At the Fiscal 2019 Tsu/Suzuka/Kameyama District Industrial Health and S...

Performance List of Dialogue with Stakeholders

Participating in "ESG Management Forum - Achieving Sustainable Transformation"

On January 10, 2020, Idemitsu Group represented by the General Manager ...

Efforts to Improve Workplace Culture and Motivation
Tour for Employees’ Families and Office Tour for Children

Idemitsu Energy Indonesia Family Gathering

All employees and their family members, 26 in total, participated in a fami...

Idemitsu Group’s Initiatives for COVID-19
Idemitsu Group’s Initiatives for COVID-19


We extend our condolences to the families of those who have passed away as ...

Idemitsu Group’s Sustainability
Medium-term Management Plan

Creating Integration Synergies

Our goal is to realize synergies of ¥60 billion by FY2021. In FY2019, w...

Intellectual Property
Research and Development Initiatives

Developing innovative technologies solar power a major energy source

In August 2020, two of our project proposals were taken up by the NEDO as j...

Human Resource Development
Basic Concept of Personnel Strategy

Basic Concept of Personnel Strategy

In line with the management goal of developing people, Idemitsu believes in...