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Ensuring Safety
Initiatives at Departments and Group Companies

Petronas Chemicals Ethylene and Idemitsu SM (Malaysia) – Technological Knowledge Exchange

On May 2, 2019, eight technical staff members of Petronas Chemicals Eth...

Harassment Prevention Initiatives
Harassment Prevention Initiatives

Workplace Harassment Prevention Guide

To create and maintain sound, harassment-free workplaces, we have prepa...

External Awards


Award/ Commendation Winner Organizer Date Des...

Comparative Table
Comparative Table with GRI Standards

Comparative Table with GRI Standards

    Content GRI...

ESG Data


Composition of Executive Unit FY2017 FY2018 ...

Corporate Citizenship Activities
Relations with Global Environment:Activities at Overseas Bases

Forest Restoration Activities in Indonesia

In 2004, P.T. Idemitsu Lube Techno Indonesia was founded to produce and ma...

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Initiatives
Balancing Work and Life

Response to the COVID-19 pandemic Measure 2

For employees who needed to use working hours to address family matters, su...

Risk Management
Initiatives for Risk Management

Further Enhancement of Crisis Readiness Capabilities

We formulated the “Crisis Response Rules” as the highest rules for crisis r...

Risk Management
Information Management

Information Security Basic Policies

The Idemitsu Group shall endeavor to ensure the secrecy of its informati...

Risk Management
Information Management

Employee education

Information security education via e-learning We provide annual e-learni...

Collaboration with Partners
Collaboration with Transport Companies and Maritime Shipping Companies

Holding the General Meeting for the Koun-kai , Which Supports the Safe and Stable Supply of Petroleum Products

On May 18, 2021, the fiscal 2021 general meeting of the Koun-kai, which...

Sustainability News
April 1, 2019 Sustainability Site Launched

April 1, 2019 Launch of Sustainability Website

We have launched this Sustainability Website to provide detailed informatio...

Response to Climate Change
Our Strive for Carbon Neutrality

Setting up Carbon Neutral Transformation Centers at All Complexes

Establishing carbon neutral transformation centers at all complexes is key ...

Efforts to Improve Workplace Culture and Motivation
Next Forum Initiatives

Next Forum Initiatives

The Next Forum is a company meeting for employees and management to dir...

Human Resource Development
Specific Initiatives

Developing Competencies

Mentor Training Mentors are senior employees who guide and support t...

Efforts to Improve Workplace Culture and Motivation
Improving the Workplace Environment

Cherishing the Spirit of Unity; Electronic Materials Department’s First Global Administration Meeting

Electronic Materials Department, which is expanding its businesses overseas...

Digital Transformation Initiatives
Digital Transformation Initiatives

Practicing Value 5D

The Digital & BPR Department (currently Digital & ICT Department) uses ...

Ensuring Safety
Safety and Health Initiatives

National Safety Week Initiatives

Idemitsu takes the following measures for National Safety Week, which is sp...

Ensuring Safety
Safety and Health Initiatives

A New Disaster Prevention Vehicle at Tokyo Oil Terminal

In February, 2020, we deployed a new disaster prevention vehicle to improve...

Promotion of Employees’ Health
FY2021 Initiatives

Workplace Vaccinations for COVID-19

We began workplace vaccinations for COVID-19 from July 2021. At the Head Of...

Waste Reduction
Waste Reduction

Concept and Performance

The Idemitsu Group works to curb environmental impact by reducing the volum...

Response to Climate Change
Our Strive for Carbon Neutrality

Initiatives for Carbon Neutrality

Striving toward Carbon Neutrality Idemitsu aims to achieve carbon neutra...

Response to Climate Change
GHG Reduction Initiatives 7. Development and Social Implementation of Innovative Technologies

Development and Social Implementation of Innovative Technologies

Technological innovation is indispensable to achieving the goals of the Par...

Message from Outside Directors
Message from Outside Directors

Outside Director Takeo Kikkawa

Becoming a Leader in Realizing a Carbon-Neutral Recycling-Based S...